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offers fitness tips from professional trainers Amie Barsky and Paul J. Alessi. With experience and knowledge they will guide you through choices which can improve, redesign or slightly modify your training sessions. Amateur, seniors and advanced health enthusiasts will be thrilled at the improvement that can be made when existing workouts and meal plans are modified. There is always the possibility of improvement in the quest to create a healthier you.  SHAPE EN ESPANOL MAGAZINE with SOFIA VERGARA January Issue 2004

About PaulThe Alessi Fitness Team will offer tips to rejuvenate a stagnate workout. They also suggest pointers to achieve optimal over all health and nutrition. Many people work out four times or more a week and don't get the results they desire. Find out how changing your diet can bring the results that you want and deserve. Most importantly, they will give valuable guidance on how to maintain your fitness goals.

You can train with the Alessi Fitness Team in Los Angeles, California and New York City. For someone who travels frequently or lives bi-costal you will be well taken care of. Each Alessi Fitness Trainer has extensive experienced in there own unique areas of personal interest. Our staff consists of trainers who have a wide variety of fitness knowledge based on their own personal experience. From professional dancing and a life style of fitness to a wide range of sports specific training in competitive and extreme sports. Our professionals are constantly working together sharing ideas and creating new ways to exceed optimum fitness and performance in every day life".

Featured articles written by the Alessi Fitness Team will focus on a specific topic concerning health and fitness such as foods we think are safe, but really aren't, the importance of water in your daily regimen, vegetarian...healthy or unhealthy, these articles offer visitors essential reading material on everyday living.

In addition, you will find some sports products which have all been chosen by The Alessi Fitness Team. They will help direct you in products to improve and maintain your physical condition. There are many ways to get and stay fit, learn which one works for you and enjoy your healthy way of life.



"When Health is absent Wisdom cannot reveal itself, Art cannot become manifest, Strength cannot be exerted, Wealth is useless and Reason is powerless." 
-Herophilies, 300 B.C.


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